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Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating

Welcome to Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating, your go-to source for outstanding car detailing services in Atlanta. Our team is driven by a dedication to top-tier detailing, focusing on bringing out the best in each vehicle with unparalleled beauty and shine. We are experts in mobile car detailing, ceramic coating, and paint correction. Operating from Atlanta, we offer customized services designed to improve your car's appearance and provide enduring protection.

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Easily make a reservation on our reservation page or call us at 404-259-7153.

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Our technician will text you when he is on his way. Our mobile detailing van is equipped with everything to detail, restore, and ceramic coat your vehicle. Our technician takes cash or card payments.

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Obsessive Attention to Details

Across Atlanta, we're renowned for our meticulous approach. Every inch of your vehicle receives our perfectionist attention, guaranteeing flawless detailing that imparts a genuinely brand-new look and feel.

Free At Home Service Across Atlanta

Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing offers the ultimate convenience in detailing by bringing our services directly to your doorstep at no extra cost. Whether at home or work, you save valuable time as our skilled mobile detailing team provides everything from basic washes to thorough interior cleaning.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're committed to your complete satisfaction. Every service we offer comes with a guarantee: if you're not fully happy with our work, let us know, and we'll go the extra mile to make it right. We understand the value of your vehicle and promise to meet your expectations every time. Your satisfaction isn't just a goal for us; it's a promise. Trust in our team to make your vehicle shine, with the assurance of our satisfaction guarantee.

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What People Say About Us

Car DetailinG

In Atlanta, Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing stands out in car detailing services. Our comprehensive approach includes steam detailing, meticulous interior shampoo, leather treatment, exterior washing, and waxing. Our dedicated team is focused on restoring the beauty and comfort of your car's interior, ensuring it is impeccably clean and refreshingly inviting.

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Ceramic Coating

We offer a ceramic coating service that delivers unmatched protection against contaminants, staining, etching, and oxidation. Our coatings create a hydrophobic surface for effortless maintenance, with durability options ranging from 1 to 9+ years. It's the ultimate care your car deserves.

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Paint Correction

Our paint correction services in Atlanta, provided by Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing, are designed to revive your car's showroom shine. This includes clay bar decontamination, precise paint correction, and the removal of scratches and swirl marks, all aimed at restoring your car to its original gloss and finish. Trust us to rejuvenate the appearance of your vehicle.

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Before and after of a paint corrected hood

Get Your Car Detailed & Ceramic Coated Anywhere In Metro Atlanta


In the heart of Georgia, Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing brings top-quality car care to the bustling streets of Atlanta. Whether you're parked near the historic Centennial Olympic Park or amidst the skyscrapers downtown, our expert team ensures your vehicle looks its best in this vibrant city.


Marietta's rich heritage meets modern convenience with our mobile detailing services. From the iconic Marietta Square to the quiet suburban streets, we bring our exceptional detailing right to you, adding shine to your vehicle in a city known for its Southern charm.


In Alpharetta, known for its blend of urban and green spaces, Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing ensures your car matches the city's pristine beauty. We're just a call away, whether you're near the bustling Avalon complex or the tranquil Wills Park.

Peachtree City

Embrace the unique lifestyle of Peachtree City with our mobile auto detailing service. As you enjoy the city's extensive network of golf cart paths, we ensure your vehicle is detailed to perfection, reflecting the city's unique blend of leisure and style.


In historic Lawrenceville, our mobile detailing service adds convenience to this picturesque town. Whether you're near the storied Gwinnett Historic Courthouse or enjoying the local parks, we're here to make sure your vehicle stands out with its own historic shine.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Covering the diverse and expansive Metro Atlanta area, Reliable Mobile Auto Detailing brings exceptional service to every corner. From the busy corridors of Buckhead to the serene suburbs, we ensure your car's shine is as impressive as the city itself.

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Finding the finest automobile detailing service in Atlanta

When it comes to vehicle detailing, finding a service near you can be difficult. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time and money.

Whether you just need a quick wash and wax or want a full interior and exterior detail, there are plenty of options out there. Some services even offer mobile detailing, where they’ll come to you and detail your car on-site. This is especially convenient if you don’t have the time or means to take your car to a detail shop.

Price, quality of service and customer reviews should all be considered when choosing a car detailing service. You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money and that the service will leave your car looking like new. With our list of top-rated auto detailers in Atlanta below, we’ve done the hard work for you so that finding one won’t be such an overwhelming task!

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is an extensive cleaning process that goes beyond what a normal car wash can provide. It aims at revitalizing the appearance of the vehicle by removing dirt, grime and other contaminants from both its exterior as well as interior parts. Comprehensive attention should be given during every step involved in this procedure ranging from washing up through polishing down then waxing up finishing with interior cleanliness.

Detailing vs Standard Car Wash

The main difference between detailing compared to standard car washing lies within their scope level regarding cleanliness plus thoroughness aspects respectively; wherein typicality entails only fast rinse along with wash while detailedness involves meticulous cleaning approach towards all corners of automobiles i.e., innermost regions too.

Essential Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing refers to processes applied on outer parts panel sections such as paintwork surface finishes including wheels/tires dressing among others like windows glasses polishing works too if necessary so that they may look shiny once again. In most cases, it starts with washing away dirt followed by claying out any bonded contaminants then polishing to restore glossiness finally waxing for paint protection against damages in future times.

Interior Detailing Steps

Interior detailing refers to processes applied on inner parts of vehicle e.g., seats, carpets, dashboard and door panels among others. Vacuuming is done initially so as to get rid of dirt particles or debris which may have accumulated there over time before deep cleans using specific products meant for stain removal are employed; after this has been completed the interiors will be conditioned thereby giving them back natural shine while also safeguarding against further destructions.

In general car detailing should not be overlooked if one wants their cars always looking new because it helps prevent damages brought about by dust, sand particles plus other contaminants found around us.

Understanding Ceramic Coatings

Over the years, various methods have been used to protect vehicles and keep them shiny for a long time. However, most traditional techniques do not offer permanent solutions that can last without regular reapplication. This is where ceramic coatings come in – a revolutionary vehicle protection solution that offers unmatched benefits at an affordable price.

What Are They?

Ceramic coatings, otherwise known as nano coatings or quartz coatings, are liquid polymers that chemically bond with paint to create a protective layer over the exterior surfaces of a vehicle. This coating acts as a barrier against many different types of damage including staining, oxidization, etching, loss of gloss and UV rays among other environmental elements like harsh weather conditions.

Benefits Beyond Protection

The benefits that come from using ceramic coatings extend far beyond just protecting your car’s finish! One major benefit is how much shine they add; it’ll look like you’ve got showroom floors under your tires for years on end after applying these babies. On top of this self-cleaning effect will be achieved – so keeping things clean becomes easier than ever before too. Any dirt or grime that comes into contact with coated areas should bead up and slide off easily leaving them looking good as new without much effort required.

Cost Effective & Long Lasting

For all their advanced technology and benefits ceramic coatings are actually quite cheap! When you consider the amount of time one application saves over its lifetime then it’s clear there really isn’t any better investment out there. Furthermore by reducing waxing or detailing sessions needed overall sustainability can also be improved through less resource use and chemical production.

Detailing Packages & Services

Our car detailing center offers various packages suitable for everyone’s needs – quick washes through full interior/exterior cleans done by hand – we do it all!

Choosing The Right Package

When choosing which level/detail package best suits customers’ requirements they should take into account their budget too; but no matter what level chosen rest assured knowing our team won’t disappoint anyone who walks through our doors wanting more than just an average run-of-the-mill job done! Basic includes hand wash/wax/interior vacuum while premium consists full interior/exterior detail inclusive shampoo carpets/seats/clay bar treatment/paint protection etcetera.

If unsure about what package would suit best don’t hesitate asking our team members who gladly assist them in selecting most suitable choice or they may even decide customize another service such as headlight restoration or tar removal if desired.

Customization & Add-On Services

In addition to detailing packages we also provide customization options like clay bar treatments for removing contaminants from paintwork and oxidation removal services that can restore shine back into a vehicle’s exterior. On top of these there are headlight restorations which improve visibility when driving during night time hours; finally though not least important – paint protection services ensure cars stay looking brand new years down line!

Remember whatever your needs be just give us call today because here at this company no job too big or small will always do our utmost try meet every customer’s satisfaction level possible.

One of the most important areas to take into account when selecting a service provider for car detailing is the location and convenience. You would want to go for a provider that is conveniently situated close to your home or office. This will save you time and effort in the long run. Another thing you should look at is whether they offer flexible scheduling options to suit your busy lifestyle.

Reviews and Reputation

Also, reviews and reputation go a long way in helping choose who performs car detailing on your vehicle. You need to find somebody who has built up credibility within this industry already; so try finding businesses which are well-known for their good workmanship locally or online first before anything else.. For example, one such place could be Yelp where many people leave feedback about local services like these every day all around America – so there’s bound to be plenty here too! What matters most however isn’t just how high rated they are but rather what previous customers had say about them specifically – were other buyers satisfied overall with their experience?

Insurance and Warranty

Last but not least make sure that any potential car detailer comes adequately insured along with offering warranties. Having insurance coverage protects both parties involved if something were ever happen during the process itself (i.e., damage) while the warranty side ensures clients like yourself always leave happy knowing everything done by said business will fix promptly no questions asked later should something go wrong shortly thereafter.

Additional Services

We have quite a number of extra services at our automobile cleansing shop to keep your car in its best form. Our paint restoration and protection are additional services offered besides the usual packages.

Paint Restoration and Protection

With time, the bodywork of your vehicle may become dull due to many reasons including exposure to harsh weather conditions among others. It is also common for vehicles bodies to be damaged by road debris while being driven or parked along streets which makes them look old-fashioned if not taken care of properly. That is why we came up with this idea of offering paint restoration services as well as protective measures against future damages caused by these factors so that they can regain their original shiny appearance once again.

Our technicians are trained on how best they can use top-quality products together with different methods designed specifically for removing scratches left behind after cleaning the surface area during detailing process before applying wax coatings or ceramic layers onto it — leaving no marks whatsoever but making everything else appear like new! Don’t forget about swirls too; we can eliminate them too!

Restoring Headlights

Headlight restoration is a unique service that involves sanding and polishing foggy or yellowed lenses caused by oxidation over time. This process not only improves appearance but also enhances visibility especially during night hours hence reducing accidents related to poor lighting conditions on roads.

Cleaning Engines

Engine bay detailing refers to thorough cleaning of all visible parts found under the hood including greasy areas like valve covers, intake manifolds etcetera. Such a procedure helps in eliminating dirt build up which may hide leaks or other faults besides making your car’s motor look neat again thus keeping its performance at peak levels for longer periods.

Waterless Washing and Rinseless Cleaning

Water conservation has become an urgent issue nowadays hence the introduction of waterless washing methods. Similarly, rinse-less cleaning methods are also more popular because they don’t require rinsing off with lots of water. In these techniques, special sprays that are highly lubricating are used to enclose dust particles making them easy to wipe away. Therefore, this idea comes in handy especially for people living under drought conditions or those who want to save the environment.

Steam Clean-up

Another advanced technique used in vehicle detailing is steam cleaning which involves using high-pressure steam temperatures to clean both interiors and exteriors parts of cars. This method works effectively when removing dirt from different surfaces such as stains on fabrics or even unpleasant smells coming out from certain areas of your vehicle. More so it suits well individuals preferring natural ways of completing tasks.

Aftercare Tips and Tricks

After investing in professional car detailing, it’s important that you should take good care of your vehicle so that it stays in good condition for long therefore I will tell you some aftercare tips and tricks which will help you maintain its beauty all along.

Wash hands often: One way through which dirt gets into contact with an individual’s skin is when he/she touches dirty surfaces such as those found outside houses or even public places like parks etcetera. Therefore, washing hands frequently not only protects one from getting sick but also helps him/her reduce chances of infecting others who might come into close proximity until they wash theirs too thus keeping everybody safe from diseases caused by germs transmitted through handshakes etcetera.

Wax every 3-6 months: Another thing worth noting about waxing cars regularly is that it acts as a protective shield against harsh climatic conditions which might have adverse effects on paints used during detailing processes. Additionally, this practice also ensures that vehicles remain glossy throughout their lifespan hence making them look even more attractive especially when exposed to direct sunlight or bright lights at night while driving along busy highways full of people going about different activities such as shopping malls etcetera.

Interior Protection: Another way though which one can maintain the interiors clean and spotless is by using sunshades so that they prevent UV rays from damaging dashboards seats door panels among other surfaces within cars. Apart from that, applying UV protectant onto these areas also works wonders since it helps in preventing fading off caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight hence keeping everything intact for a very long time till somebody decides selling his/her own automobile.

Environmentally Friendly Practices during Detailing

Biodegradable supplies

Using biodegradable materials during washing cars is quickly becoming a rule rather than an exception among detailers worldwide due mainly because they minimize pollution levels caused by contaminants left behind after washing processes have been completed. These products break down easily into harmless substances without any negative impact on our surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the cost of car detailing services near me?

There are many factors taken into consideration before coming up with prices charged at various locations offering vehicle cleaning services next to where I am based currently as reviewed on Yelp; size of the auto being cleaned, its overall condition (both interior & exterior), type of package chosen plus geographical location where service provider operates from just but mention few examples. Furthermore, expertise level possessed by those involved directly in delivering such treatments also plays a crucial role since highly skilled professionals tend charging higher rates compared to average ones who may lack adequate experience thus producing substandard results after conducting detailed procedures.

What does a full service car washing include?

A complete automobile’s cleanliness involves thoroughness in tidying both exteriors together with interiors whereby hand washing might be done followed by polishing then vacuuming thereafter steam cleaning takes place alongside leather conditioning among many others depending on chosen bundle while engine detailing coupled with headlight restoration could form part additional options offered under some packages.

Why choose professional vehicle cleaning services?

A higher quality work and attention to detail, the use of specialized equipment and products, and the convenience of having the service performed by experienced professionals are some of the benefits which professional car detailing services offer. Additionally, such services can help in maintaining value and appearance of the vehicle.

What is unique about mobile car detailing as compared to in-shop detailing services?

Mobile car detailing services offers convenience by performing the service at the client’s place while in-shop detailing service requires one to bring their vehicle into a facility. Some other benefits that may come with mobile details include flexible scheduling and reduced wait time.

What should one look for when searching for the best car detailer?

Some factors that should be considered when looking for the best car detailing service are; experience and expertise of employees involved with providing these services, quality of equipment used as well as products applied during this process among others. Also, it would be helpful if you checked what other people say regarding different businesses offering these kinds of services through customer reviews or recommendations given because they might give one more knowledge about them.

Do car detailers expect tips?

It is not mandatory but advisable for customers to tip between 10-20% depending on how much they feel satisfied after service delivery though there no standard tipping practice in this sector.